Our friends at OUT Twin Cities Film Fest present “THIS TIME” on Fri. June 3rd, 2011

26 May 2011 | Categories: News / Press, Uncategorized | Posted by: admin

We are proud supporters of the OUT Twin Cities Film Festival that will take place June 2nd-5th, 2011 at St. Anthony Main Theater in Mineapolis. The theme of the festival is: Making It Better To Connect and Celebrate The Diversity of The Community Through The Art of Cinema by Producing a Provocative Annual Film Festival Showcasing Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Filmmakers. Their official schedule is now up online or you can click HERE to view/download. For ticket information, please click HERE.

As we are a films-on-music festival, we are excited that they’re screening “THIS TIME” on FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd, 2011. Directed by Victor Mignatti, this is a film that  follows six diverse recording artists on the verge of their next moment in the spotlight. They’ve sung back-up up for Elvis, Aretha and Hendrix, been homeless while their songs were on the charts and struggled to fill tiny cabarets while battling self-sabotage and the brutality of the music industry. With a soaring soundtrack of extraordinary music, THIS TIME takes you from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to New York’s Park Avenue on a unique musical journey in this uplifting story of the transformative power of creativity. “Every Film Has A Soundtrack”. VIEW TRAILER

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