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07 May 2011 | Categories: News / Press | Posted by: Josh Leibold

Sound Unseen International Duluth intends to raise funds to help execute our second annual festival in Duluth, MN.

We’ve got a great predominately volunteer/professional staff who will be bringing in another outstanding line-up of films, music and art for year two.  Like any endeavor of this magnitude, we survive on a shoestring budget and just need a small amount to cover the costs of flights for our special guests.  We get tremendous support from the hospitality industry in Duluth with a generous list of donated hotel rooms and venues, but as we like to say–we cannot buy plane tickets with hotel rooms and we need some cash to purchase flights.

Our first festival in Duluth was a great critical success because we brought in tremendous Directors, Producers, Distributors, Musicians and Special Industry professionals.  Our guests list includes the following in year one alone:

Minnesota Filmmakers/Artists

Philip Harder-Low Movie

Steve Holmgren-Putty Hill/Hamilton

Don McGlynn-Rejoice and Shout

Low(Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker)

Steven Greenberg-Funkytown

National Filmmakers/Arts Administrators/Artists profiled at Sound Unseen International Duluth 2010

Aaron Katz-Cold Weather

Matthew Porterfield-Putty Hill/Hamilton

Nick Langholff-Feed The Fish

Michael Matzdorff-Feed The Fish

Katie Aselton-Feed The Fish/The Freebie

Ross Partridge-Feed The Fish

Alison Abrohams-Feed The Fish

Michael Palmieri-October Country

Donal Mosher-October Country

Barr Weissman-Secret To A Happy Ending

Jennifer Maas -Wheedle’s Groove

Matt McCormick-Some Days Are Better Than Others

Juror Albert Milgom-Director/Programmer Minnesota Film Arts

Juror Jenny Jones-Walker Art Center

Juror Kathy Smith-Writer/Reviewer

Juror Debbie Berlin- Distributor ?Palisades Tartan?

Minnesota Music Artists Presented at Sound Unseen International Duluth 2010

Solid Gold

Charlie Parr

Roma Di Luna

Bight Club


The Keep Aways

Gasoline Silver

Gay Witch Abortion

The Honeydogs

The Bitter Spills

We’ve got an incredible list of guests for Sound Unseen International Duluth set for year 2, but need your support to pay for a few plane tickets.  Can you help with a donation?

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