Music/Film/Web Blog covers Sound Unseen 13

14 Sep 2012 | Categories: News / Press, Uncategorized | Posted by: admin

“We’re a little Twin Cities happy today. A bit later we’ll have an update on Every Everything, Gorman Bechard’s music documentary in progress about Husker Du co-founder and St. Paul-born indie rock hero Grant Hart. For now, it’s Sound Unseenin the news. One of America’s first festivals devoted exclusively to music film returns for its lucky 13th edition October 10 to 14, and the freshly announced program offers a potent mix of the wild and the weird via 14 mostly nonfiction features and shorts screening at Minneapolis’s Trylon microcinema and Ritz Theater.

In the wild category, there’s Beware of Mr. Baker, the SXSW-award winning doc on the prodigious and volatile Cream/Blind Faith drummer, early Afrobeat champion, and battler with drugs, women, and the law; and Bad Brains: A Band in DC, which chronicles three decades of the massively influential punk/reggae band and their enigmatic frontman, HR. Hardcore is also at the heart of xxx All Ages xxx, a history of the early ’80s Boston punk scene, while Radio Unnameable profiles in appropriately collage-like style the free-form radio pioneer Bob Fass.

For weird, there’s The Source, the tale of religious cult-cum-psychedelic band the Source Family (aka Ya Ho Wha 13), their outlandish heyday in early ’70s LA and later reformation. Or try short film Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke, is a remake of the late Chris Marker’s avant garde classic La Jetee set in Miami and starring 2 Live Crew’s Luther Campbell. We suppose that might also qualify as wild.

The marquee slots go to films that are perhaps more on the heartwarming tip. The opening attraction is An Affair of the Heart, a funny-sweet examination of the abiding love affair between pop idol-turned-working rocker Rick Springfield and his deeply, deeply committed fans. The “centerpiece film” on Friday the 12th is Don’t Stop Believin’, the Tribeca premiere about Arnel Pineda, the formerly homeless Filipino tapped to replace Steve Perry’s leather lungs in Journey after band members spotted him belting on YouTube.

There are also films about Charles Bradley, TV on the Radio, and aliens playing future folk in Brooklyn (that’s one of the fictional ones), plus live music at assorted Twin Cities venues. We’ll have more on some Sound Unseen titles in the weeks to come.”