Sound Unseen + Dinner on the Farm present the TROPIX CINEFEAST

Introducing the third installment of the wildly popular PopUp Cinefeast series, Sound Unseen and Dinner on the Farm are excited to bring you the TROPIX CINEFEAST.

New to this series? In short, it’s an event that combines local top chefs, craft cocktails by the best mixologists in town, tasty craft beer from a local brewery mixed in with secret films, live music, and surprise entertainment. The best part? The location is kept a mystery (along with most details of the event), it’s only open to 100 people, and only ticket holders get that info. one week ahead. Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery and exclusivity in their lives?

We have a feeling most of you are tired of the words “polar vortex” and even more tired of this cold dreary weather yes? With that in mind, we’re going to usher in tropical warmth through fine food crafted by local Chef Jon Wipfli, craft cocktails by a notable mixologist (TBA), and delicious local craft beer (TBA). Entertainment for the evening promises to evoke sounds of the South Pacific (don’t worry, no steel drums…it’ll be much sexier than that), surprise entertainment will be full of kitsch and camp, and the films will get you to that beach in your mind. The locale? You know we can’t tell you that. What we can say is that it’s private and gorgeous.

So, join us for a night where the theme is tropical. Just because we’re in MN doesn’t mean we can’t band together and give the middle finger to Winter! Keep your eye on FACEBOOK page as we’ll slowly drop more hints about this event as it unfolds!

Dress code: Tropical wear of course! Think Frankie and Annette. 60’s beach wear. Hawaiian. Tiki. Kitsch. Camp. If you want to wear a bowl of fruit on your head, we’d LOVE you.

We anticipate a complete sell out for this event — so please get your tickets sooner than later!